Day in the life of a nanny


Hello my flutterbys,

Today I thought that I would talk about my daily life…
And the lives of millions of stay at home mums/dad’s and other childcare workers.

When asked what I do for a job, and I reply with ‘nanny,’ Iam often posed with statements along these lines.
“Oh it would be so nice to be able to play all day”
“I would love to stay home and get paid for it”

And my absolute favourite
“Good on you for getting away with not having a real job”.

Now I try to be a good example for my young charges, and always smile gracefully and walk away.

But after this happening several times I began to feel annoyed.
What do I do all day?
Well apart from raising the future generations of this world, teaching them manners,  respect and how to be confident,
successful contributors to society??
There is the:
*Load of washing to be done EVERY day.
*The cooking and cleaning.
*The grocery shopping and organising.
*Shoes to be polished and shirts to be ironed.
All the while entertaining young children and spotting unique learning opportunities.

Now im not saying that there arnt moments of absolute joy I get from my job.
I love it, I really do.
The sleepy smiles and cuddles. The moment when an important milestone is reached.
When their faces light up because for that moment you are their whole world.
This is what I live for.
Being a nanny is not a 9-5 job. It is carrying the little hopes and dreams of tiny humans carefully in your hands.
It is forming a connection so vital and deep that you forever cherish each other.

Being a nanny is what i have always wanted to do, it is what I love.
So to hear people diminish the importance of not only my life’s work, but the work of so many other amazing people makes me feel sorry for them.
Sorry that they dont get to experience what I do!
Even if that is a ‘surprise’ in the form of a frog thrown into my lap :p

Lots of love

Bourjois Radiance Reveal, healthy mix foundation


Hello my flutterbys,

As a member of the fair skinned clan I find it frustratingly difficult to find a foundation that is not too yellow, too pink, or quite simply too dark altogether. 

I am always either Porcelian or Ivory depending on the brand, but despite picking the lightest shade possible they are often still just too dark. 

Sadly this was the case with Bourjois Radiance Reveal foundation. 

After reading rave reviews I went to my local Boots store and purchased shade “light vanilla” for £ 9.99.

It claims to be a 16 hour radiance booster with a vitamin rich formula to be anti fatigue.

I have combination skin which can tend to look a bit dull come winter months so I was excited for this radiance foundation. 

I cleansed my face In the morning and applied my Seventeen primer, then buffed two pumps of the foundation onto my face with the Real Techniques expert face brush. 

I was immediately impressed with the dewy, radiant glow that my skin had. My skin had an almost angelic tone of purity. I was thrilled.

I then left the house to ccomplete some errands, while in a store I happened to catch a glance of my face.

Oh no!

The shade clearly too dark (Always check/apply makeup in natural light girls)

My radiantly glowy skin had a horrendous orange tinge. Now this was 4 hours after application and coverage was still great, and I was still wonderfully dewy. 

I just looked like an escaped oompa loompa. I really would highly recommend this foundation if you are lucky enough to be able to find a matching shade for your skin.

It held up for a good 10 hours and really did everything it claimed to.

Im just far, far too pale…


The hunt continues.


Introducing me

Hello there my beautiful Flutterbys,



How exciting!

Today is the day I’m embarking on the grand adventure of blogging.

After spending so long as an avid reader of some of the internets best bloggers, I decided to take the plunge and join the fun.



I’ve spent a very long time thinking about what I would like to share with you all.


Personally the blogs I enjoy are ones with a sprinkle of fashion, a healthy handful of reviews and a dollop of “Day in the life of…”


Now to give you a bit of background on me.

My name is Siobhan and Iam a proud New Zealander. I was raised on the beach in an old cottage surrounded by trees. I spent summers on our yacht and weekends climbing trees with my younger sister.



After leaving school I just knew I wanted to work in childcare, so I completed an International Nannying Certificate, and here my story begins.

At 17 after finishing my course I decided to pack my bags and move to Australia with my best friend.

With no family,  no jobs and about $300 between we landed in piping hot Brisbane.

We spent 4 years apple picking, working in country pubs and childcare centres in the Outback.

My friend found her true love and I got itchy feet to see more of the world.

So here I am.

Starting my first UK winter in a gorgeous town outside of London.  With cobbled streets and our very own castle.

My days are filled with being Super Nanny 😉

Ny nights with reading Inspiring reviews/blogs and

my weekends with shopping for makeup (you can never have too much)

So this is me, I hope you weren’t too bored with my ramblings,  in so very excited to have you all along to share my life with me!

Lots of love