Hair Bleaching Kit: Renbow


Hi all,
Today my hair journey begins AGAIN.
I recently used a hair dye remover which worked amazingly well, but unfortunately I washed my hair and applied a hair oil which reactivated the dye.
Sending me back to my previous shade.
So I have decided to take the bull by the horns and do a guaranteed (but drastic) process.
Iam going to use the renbow hair bleach and then re dye using the Clairol Perfect 10 in shade ‘Med reddish blonde’.

I shall also do a review for the dye.

This is the first time I have ever bleached my hair so I chose a product that seemed relatively simple.

This is my hair now:

90 mins later:
I applied the mix of powder and developer.  This was rather difficult as the consistency was very thick and made it hard to coat hair evenly.
I did the best I could and left it on for about 40 mins. I would have left it longer but my scalp was beginning to hurt and I didn’t want to risk a reaction.

This is my hair after bleaching:

As you can see the bleach didnt lift the dye evenly. Iam guessing this is because of my application.  Possibly if you had someone to help it might be easier.
The areas that did work were very blonde and so I would recommend this product.
I dyed immediately afterwards and my hair is only slightly dry on the ends.
If your looking for an easy bleach kit to prep your hair for redying then this is perfect!

Lots of love