Naughty or Nice?


Growing up we were all labeled as something.
I was the nice girl, the helpful one who picked up after others and lived to be praised.

I would worry about everything and became almost OCD about trying to please absolutely everyone.

On the rare occasions that I did act out I was told “your the good one Siobhan, dont behave like that. ”

Labels of all shapes and forms can be damaging.
It’s similar to the “fat/skinny issue”.
Call someone fat and your a monster, but call someone skinny and they are supposed to be pleased.

Im sure there are very slim people out there who are offended by being labled “the skinny one” who feel trauma associated with their label.

Should I have been glad to be called ‘good’? Im sure everyone who did so was well meaning but the results were long lasting.

I wanted to break free and be someone else. I envied girls who didn’t care what others thought of them.

My solution was to leave the country and find myself, and find myself I did.

My point is, that we may feel like we are complimenting someone or being helpful. Or simply stating the obvious!

But maybe we should all stop to think about what we say and the fact that our one comment may be the cherry on the cake for someone who has spent years trying to get out of the box they were forced into.

And that is all my flutterbys.

Goodnight and lots of love.